Employer Program

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is a complete mind-body approach that combines different practices to help increase performance, reduce professional stress, and provide overall wellness to your employees. 

AIM Health has created a unique incentive/motivation and reward program – Healthy Perks – that enables employers to recognize their employees’ achievements.  Whether you award outstanding performance monthly, quarterly or ad hoc when an employee goes above and beyond.

Healthy Perks program enables the employee to choose the service that best meets their needs. The program can be used for any of AIM Health's services.

Everyone Benefits

Many employees may have a physical need requiring one of these services, but they do not have the financial wherewithal to access integrative medicine or their health plan does not cover any type of alternative treatment.

Therefore, they go without and deal with the pain or physical ailment – which can result in missed work, poor performance, etc. Even if they don’t have a current need, who wouldn’t benefit from a massage or nutritional counseling? And the choice is up to the employee!

Healthy Perks offers the unique advantage of being a healthy reward and the employer benefits from the resulting increased employee productivity and morale.  It’s a Win-Win for all.



Additional Everyone Benefits

Even if an employee does not find a service they’re interested in. The Healthy Perks Certificates can be use towards a purchase in the AIM Healthier Shop – that carries CBD, Supplements, Herbs, and more

How Does It Work?

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, there’s a Healthy Perks program that will fit your needs.  Each Healthy Perk provides a monthly certificated for the receipt of one (1) 60-minute acupuncture session and one (1) 60-minute massage per month. These sessions can be combined back-to-back for a 2-hour session or can be utilized separately at other times. 

Alternatively, you can purchase as few as 5 Certificates and receive 1 FREE when you’re on a renewal program.  Or simply buy a Certificate package one-time, the more you purchase the greater the savings. 

  • 5 Healthy Perks - 1 Free Program

  • 10 Healthy Perks - 2 Free Programs

  • 15 Healthy Perks - 3 Free Programs

Renewal savings require a one-year commitment of monthly renewal. 

And once the employer becomes a member of the Healthy Perks program, the employees can access Integrative Medicine by purchasing discounted prices packages – even if they have never been awarded a certificate. This enables them to try or continue treatments.

Too Busy to Leave?

AIM Health offers mobile care providers that can help busy employees relieve stress and loosen tight muscles in quick sessions at your office. Trying to reduce smoking amongst staff? Consider bringing in one of our certified coaches to help employees’ odds of success.